Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Pick for the Best Beach in Fuerteventura...

...And the winner is...drum roll, please...Morro Jable!!! I just loved it there. The Playa del Mattoral at Morro Jable had a wide swath of golden sand, nice waves, chairs and umbrellas for rent (just 3 Euros each for all day), bathrooms, beachside restaurants, playgrounds, parks, ample parking, and a boulevard of outdoor bars, cafes and gift shops. Not only did we have a beautiful seaside view, but a gorgeous mountain view behind us as well. Morro Jable is is located on the south end of the island on the east side of the Jandia Peninsula, and caters almost exclusively to German tourists. We hoped to find a good German restaurant along the beach road, but no dice. Oh well. All right, so why was this beach my favorite out of all the beaches we visited??? Because I got to lay on a chaise lounge and bask in the sun, listen to the waves crashing on the sand and watch the kids play with their Dad on the beach. In other words, I got to do "nothing!" It was awesome! Enough said...Below is the view from the beach side of the street. Wide sidewalks, as well as a bike path ran parallel the street. Beyond the palm trees were the cafes, bars, and shops. We ate at an outdoor cafe called Olympic that served a great margarita pizza. I also found a couple of shops with handcrafted items made right in the Canaries, but my favorite was a cute little shop called New Territory: Fuerteventura. They sold t-shirts, bags, hats, mugs, magnets, etc. with an adorable original design of an island goat with the word "Fuerte" inside. Loved these shirts...we bought three. We couldn't decide if this skeleton was real or not. They can do amazing things with resin these days, We did spot another one on the island on the way home, so we are thinking...not, but cool nonetheless...What every peninsula needs...a lighthouse...The long walk back to the car...Just loved this view of the mountains from the beach with the clouds rolling in...Looks like we were heading back to the hotel just in time. Our last beach day ended up being our best beach day...Hasta luego...


  1. Looks great! If you like beaches you have to go to Menorca. Well, every island in the Balearics has amazing beaches but Menorca is great and not very saturated with tourists, small beaches where you are almost alone and in the middle of nowhere without a single house on the view!

  2. Sounds great to me...I totally want to go to the Balearic Islands while we are here!

  3. Looks beautiful there Ashleigh. I've seen some idyllic photos of Corralejo with that long stretch of light sand which comes from Sahara.
    It's lovely when you have it all there in the same spot isn't it: parking, a safe beach, places to eat and sunbeds. Enjoy the rest of your holiday! And I have lived in the Balearic Islands as well, in Mallorca and Ibiza and they are my favourite islands. You'll enjoy them too.

  4. Hey Ms Canary bird...Yes, I was very excited to find that one of our beach shots was on a postcard (El Cotillo). We did stop at the sand dunes of Correlejo. I still need to post those picks. So weird that the beach comes fromt he Sahara as it is to the east and we think of winds blowing from West TO the east, but such is not the case there. Mallorca is definitely on my list of places to visit! Thanks for stopping by!


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