Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The "Naked" Truth about Fuerteventura...

Before we left on our trip to Fuerteventura, a friend who'd been in February warned us...not only were there topless sunbathers in the Canaries, but some were all nude. What?? I expected some topless sunbathers, but nude? No, I had not expected that! Well, then, I decided to prepare the boys for this experience. I didn't want them to be too shocked. While I could give them any clear answers on why someone who wants to be nude at the beach, I did promise them that Husband and I wouldn't be going sans suits. That seemed to provide them some comfort. Although, there are some nude beaches in the States, they are segregated. In Fuerteventura, all the beaches could definitely be classified as "mixed usage." The beach-goers we encountered, were predominately clothed, but there were a lot of ladies going topless, but I'd say only about 5% of the sunbathers were nude. I don't know what it is about being over 50 that makes some people want to take all their clothes off, but this seemed to be the case in Fuerteventura. We were treated to the site of a "floppy" grandpa chasing his granddaughter's toys across the windy beach. And what's with going naked, but wearing a hat? I don't get it! The island's northside visitors are predominately British, while the southside caters almost exclusivley to German tourists. You might be interested to know that the Germans and the Brits seem to enjoy getting naked in relatively equal numbers. On the particular day the above picture was taken, we were visting the beach at El Cotillo, in the north. The surf is really powerful there, and the result was a neat little beach carved out of the igneous rock.
The kids spent most of their time digging up igneous rocks out of the sand. They wanted to make a shelter from the wind like the ones you see below. See that powerful surf pounding against the rocks. It's no wonder the rock is no match for the ocean waves!Rock formations shaped by the surf...A little stool carved out just for you...The water actually carved out a hole in this one...This was my favorite view at El Cotillo...The ocean pounding the cliffs with the mountains in the distance. Very mysterious...Hasta luego...


  1. Beautiful!! Why?? I just can't figure ?? now if you had a great body ...maybe. But, I would never want to scare or scar any child with my nude body that's lived on this earth 57 years!

  2. As my friend Tiff would say, "I'm for real!" I'm with you...sometimes, you just can't UNsee things...Can me a prude, but I don't care. Frankly, I like having a layer of protection between by "private parts" and the big bad world!

  3. That is the one thing I noticed between here and Germany- only the oldest more wrinkly wear their birthday suit. He reminds me of my old German neighbor who would do all of his yard work in his red speedo. Wobbly bits jingling while mowing the lawn is just "un-a-ss-ep-able... haha..

  4. Un-a-ss-ep-able...you got that right!

  5. Gorgeous shots... well, except for that first one. The one that prompted me to yell out LOUD, "Ew." Not to mention I'm EATING MY LUNCH thank you very much! hee...

    You all are really having a ball!! So fun to "ride along."


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