Friday, March 4, 2011

I Saw Pro Soccer Player, Diego Forlan, at Lunch Today!!!

Unfortunately, he had his shirt on...Hahahaha! This picture was not from the restaurant. It's from the internet. I was too afraid to take a picture. It is so hard to know how to act when you see these famous soccer players. I know my boys would want me to get a picture or ask for an autograph, but I don't want to bother these guys or make a pest of myself. Such was the case this afternoon, when I was having a late lunch (or just lunch by Spanish standards) at one of my favorite spots in Boadilla with the in-laws. I looked over and saw Diego Forlan chatting it up with some guy by the front door. Diego Forlan plays in the Spanish Liga for Atletico de Madrid. He was also the Golden Ball Award winner in the 2010 World Cup where he played for Uruguay. Below is a picture of Forlan having lunch with a girl who looks strikingly similar to the one he was dining with today. This picture below was obivously taken by someone who obvious has more courage than I do...
But back to day...At the same time as the Forlan siting, my husband was on his way to the restaurant. We could see him walking up the street from the nearest light rail stop. I called him on his cell and I tried to warn him that Diego Forlan was standing by the front door of the restaurant, but he couldn't understand me and just kept saying, "Yes, I see you in the window." When my husband walked into the restaurant, Forlan's back was to him, but he was in his way. My husband was just about to say a firm "perdon," but Forlan stepped aside for him and my husband saw his face. Then he came over to the table and said, "Hey, that's Diego Forlan." I told him, "I know! That's what I was trying to tell you on the phone." Too funny! We toyed with asking him for an autograph, but then he was done talking and out the door with what looked to be his girlfriend and another guy. Since I have been in this restaurant several times before, I felt comfortable asking the owner what the protocol is when seeing a famous soccer player in a restaurant in Spain. He told us that Diego Forlan comes in for lunch quite often with his golf teacher, and that after he finishes eating and gets up to leave, it is totally fine to ask for a picture and/or autograph. He added that Forlan is really a nice guy and wouldn't mind at all. Next time, I will be ready...Hasta luego...


  1. Here in BCN, Shakira is hard to avoid. She seems to live here now.

  2. My youngest son is a big Barca fan and he told me that Shakira is dating Pique...guess they are still going strong...hahahaha

  3. I understand you Ashleigh, when you meet some celebrity you really don't know what to do, on the one hand you feel excited and you feel like asking him for an autograph or a photo with him but by the other hand, you feel too shy (or I do feel!) to do it so, because you think he must too sick of harassing fans all the time and with no time to enjoy his own privacy.

    Anyway, if I would meet Harrison Ford or Phil Collins I am absolutely sure I would forget about shyness and I would ask them for an autograph, no doubt jejejeje!

    Warm regards and nice week ahead!

  4. Hahaha...very totally know how I feel! HAve a great week!


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