Saturday, December 10, 2011

A House Divided for El Clásico!!

Tonight at 10pm, Central European Time, much of Spain will be glued to their TV sets, and we'll be among them!  While three of us will be routing for Real Madrid tonight, my youngest will be routing for FC Barcelona! For the past couple of days, GolTV has been running hightlight and preview shows of the game that is simply known as "El Clásico" or "The Classic."  Last year's game in November was very one-sided with Barca beating  Real Madrid 5-0 in Barcelona!  In our living room, we saw a lot of this...
Goooooooool!!!!  Baaaaaaarcelooooooonaaaaaaa!
My oldest got sick of the carrying on and I almost became referee in our own El Clásico!  The rivalry is pretty intense, even for transplants like us!  At my kids' school, my youngest plays soccer at recess nearly everyday and it's almost always Real Madrid vs Barca!  One of the greatest players in Real Madrid history, Hugo Sanchez, coached my youngest's team, fan favorite Raul used to live two doors down from us (this was before we were fans, tragically), the son of Real Madrid's coach goes to their school and we see him regularly dropping off his son and attending assemblies, and let's not forget that Iker Casillas lives down the way from us!  All of these things, being a part of Spain World Cup fever and the kids both playing soccer have turned us into HUGE soccer fans...and don't even get me started about the amount FIFA 11 being played in the this house.  It is out of control!  Here's a bit of what we've been seeing in the build up for tonight's game...
If Real Madrid wins tonight, I know we will be hearing fireworks going off in the neighborhood and horns blowing with every goal!  I don't know what's going to happen, but I anticipate horn blowing by us Madrid fans and shirt twirling by our resident Barca fan...I just hope Real Madrid comes out on top this time!  Hala Madrid!


  1. I do not like football much, but it happens that I have some friends to stay for the weekend, so I am afraid I will watch the match as well! But despite I am not keen on football I am a real Madrileña, so I have to say.......Hala Madrid too! oe oe oe oe....

  2. My comment has to be... no comment! :-)

  3. Well, could not be. Although the first goal, Barcelona have been better. Clearly, if the Real Madrid striker had gotten so clear chances they have had, otherwise I would be saying now.

  4. What can I say, I´m Barça supporter so, needless to say, but the better team won.


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