Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cookbook Update-Let The Pre-Orders Begin...

We are offering "Out-of-Towners" the opportunity to start pre-ordering the cookbook beginning TODAY! We want to be able to send our order to the printer the day after the May 9th Tasting Party. This will help get everyone their cookbooks as soon as possible. If we have all of the out-of-town orders processed ahead of time, we will be able to process the orders from the party and send everything out to the printer the very next day.

The cost of the cookbook is $15 or €13 plus shipping. If you are a follower of this blog, you save 10% on pre-orders, but only until May 9th. These make great hostess gifts with a bottle of Spanish wine, great teacher gifts with a bottle of nice olive oil. For those of us who live in Spain, these are great gifts for family and friends who come to visit or just want to experience a little bit of Spain back home. Sometimes it's nice to bring a little bit of Spain as a hostess gift when going to staying over with friends. Of course, you'll want one for yourself too. So far, my in-laws have set the record...They've ordered eleven!!! Muchas gracias!

This has been a real labor of love. Tiff and I hope you enjoy using the cookbook as much as we enjoyed researching, writing and testing it. Leave a comment with the number of copies you want or send me an email at and I'll contact you with pricing and payment information. We accept all major credit cards and paypal. Hasta luego...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #53

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guest Blogger, Tim Millet: International Travel Insurance-Protecting Your Holiday!

We do all this planning for our vacations, sometimes right down to the last detail, but sometimes things happend that you just can't plan for. Here is an article from Australian Freelance Writer, Tim Millet, telling you how you can protect yourself from the unexpected...

International travel is generally safe and generally straightforward. Most people only have minor issues when travelling unless actually travelling in war zones or known dangerous areas. Actually, you’re more likely to have problems as a result of accidents, passport issues or other similar issues. Your travel insurance can cover all these things. We’re going to show you how to deal with these problems before they happen, and give yourself some backup and support when you need it.

International travel insurance basics:
International travel insurance is best practice for travelers. It’s standard procedure for businesspeople, and all experienced travelers make sure they have good cover before they even get on a plane. For these people, it’s business, and it’s a good defensive strategy. The risks in international travel are the things you don’t expect, thousands of miles from home.

Typical issues include:

· Medical cover: This can be horrendously expensive, and anyone who’s ever needed medical treatment overseas will tell you that travel insurance is a great thing to have. You can get cover for up to $10 million with good policies. This may seem somewhat excessive, but medical costs, including transport, treatments, and repatriation back home can cost a fortune, quite literally. Think of the hole in your budget a situation like that could cause, and spending a few hundred on travel insurance makes a lot of sense.

· Personal liability: This is anything which constitutes a personal legal liability. These can be law suits for responsibility for a legal issue, property damage, or any claim against you. Legal costs alone can be extremely expensive, and if damages are awarded against you, you could find yourself facing serious financial issues.

· Search and rescue cover: This type of cover relates mainly to people on adventure tours, sea tours, or similar types of travel. Many countries charge for search and rescue missions, and the costs can run into a lot of money.

· Cancellations: A very common issue, and a very annoying thing which gets on the nerves of travelers on a regular basis are the airline cancellations which can throw an entire trip out of whack. These cancellations can also cost plenty of money, particularly if you’re starting on the first leg of a long haul trip. Travel insurance really is the only financial defence.

· Theft: Theft can be a truly serious problem, costing travelers a lot in terms of stress and inconvenience as well as money, if personal papers and other valuables are lost. The brutal fact is that without travel insurance, there’s not much comeback on the spot. You need external assistance in cases like this, and even if your local consulate can help, you’re still financially well behind, and your holiday could be wrecked.

Now the good news: You can easily get cheap travel insurance online, and you’ll be able to see how much cover you get, upfront. For relatively small fees, you can have yourself very well covered before you even step out the door. You’ll also know why experienced travelers never move without their travel insurance.

About the Author: Tim Millett is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including travel insurance and cheap travel insurance.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cookbook Update-The Proof is in the Mail!

I got word fromt he printer last night that the proof is printed and in the mail...Not sure exactly what the proof will look like...if it will be a mock up for a full fledged book, but either way...Tiff and I are very excited! We are one step closer to bringing out cookbook to you! Wish us luck! Hasta luego...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Donuts are the New Cupcakes? Not at Cupcake Madrid!

I was watching a TV show the other day and I heard a host say that doughnuts are the new cupcakes. I whole-heartedly disagree and so, I think, would the proprietor of Cupcake Madrid! After we'd gotten our last pics for the cookbook, we went on a quest for "Cupcake Madrid." We've seen it advertised on facebook forever, but we've never seen it when we've been out and about...That's because it's in the middle of nowhere...well, it's in the city, but it's not near any of the things we go to...It is about a 15 minute walk from the Avenida de Americas metro stop... But the cupcakes were worth the trip...My favorties were the chocolate cupcakes with Oreo Vanilla icing and the chocolate with peanut butter icing. I only bought four, one for each of us, but I wish I had bought more! They make pretty cakes too. Adorable and delicious...What's not to like? Hasta luego...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Exclusive First Look at Our Cookbook Cover!!!!

We are so excited to be entering the next phase of this great cookbook adventure! Tiff is getting ready to move back to the States and...Wow! What a send off! Here is an exclusive first look at our cookbook cover! I uploaded the files to the printer this morning and will be on pins and needles to hear that we files did indeed make it through cyberspace all the way to a computer on a desk in Connecticut...

In the meantime, Tiff has set up a facebook page for our book. Like us on facebook at

Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions there! We will having a Tasting Pre-Order Party on May 9th from 1-3pm! We will begin taking pre-orders that day at the party...and online...and on the phone! We will accept payment through paypal and we accept all major credit cards! Rest assured, we will be able to get you your cookbook as soon as it is available.

AND...we are offering 10% off ALL pre-orders to facebook and google followers of this blog! So if you want to get a few for family, friends, teachers, etc...This discount opprtunity would save you a pretty penny! More to follow...Hasta luego...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Out of the Kitchen & Into the the City-Picture Day for the Cookbook

Tiff and I wanted to add some pictures of Spain, specifically Madrid, to the cookbook. After all, our days in the city and lunches at our favorite places, were a big inspiration for us when it came to doing the cookbook. We didn't want to leave out some museum..tee hee...the Museo de Jamon (Museum of Ham, really a shop and restaurant)... The Museo del Vino (Museum of Wine, another restaurant)...We were over at the Puerta del Sol where you have Kilometer Zero...the dead center of Spain...from with all distances in Spain are measured...In this same plaza is the symbol of Madrid...the Bear and the Strawberry Tree...Here a little cafe getting ready to open...We like going out for lunch more than dinner because of the Menu del Dia...At most places, you can get a meal that includes and first plate, second place, a dessert, and vine, beer, or soda for right around 10 euros...One of our favorite places to go to eat and hang out is the Mercado. It used to be an open air market, now it is an upscale wine and food bar where you can dine on Spanish and international fare, and buy something to make at home on the way out the door...Sherry cute! Sausages, anyone?Look at this great asparagus, two of our recipes are centered around this vegetable, so we had to snap a pic of this!Every region of Spain seems to have a tomato variety...This is Madrid's...It is strawberry season in Madrid...Everyone was snapping pics of these...including me... These are little mini ice cream cones from one of the stalls inside the mercado... Feeling adventurous...Maybe there's treasure inside... A wall of jamon...

Here are some selections from a famous postre shop here in Madrid...Salon La Mallorquina...
What a great day! Madrid is so easy to photograph...We'll keep you posted on the progress of the to get some of these pics added in...Hasta luego...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

And the Winners of a Context Travel Madrid Walk and Spanish Pottery Are...

Another month, another awesome drawing...I'd like to thank Context Travel for donating an incredible walk for two in Madrid which includes a trip to the Prado and a guided talk about Goya by a fantastic english speaking tour guide with a PhD...I've taken one of her walks and she knows her stuff...If you are looking for a tour for your guests when they come to Madrid, these walks are great. You can go with them or send them out on their own. So congrats to Nicole Ziemer of Madrid for winning this fabulous 146 euro tour for two! Have fun and w hope you'll be will to share the details with all of us!

And this sweet little box from Ceramica Cruz below for jewelry, or keys, or change, or soap...goes to Melissa Werner of Virginia! Use it in good health and look for it in the next couple of weeks in your mailbox! Thanks for following!!! April is another good month, with three autographs copies of a book about the darker side of Barcelona up for grabs!! Please help spread the word about this little blog...encourage your friends to follow and if you are one of those silent followers, let me know you are our there! Stand up and be counted! Hasta luego...


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