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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interview with a Vampire...Bat!

We had a close encounters of a freaky kind the other night...all right, enough with the movie references...but for real, a bat flew into our house the other night and started flying all around the living room and dining room.

A quick aside on I the only one that thinks it is miracle that bats can fly at all? They totally look like they are going to fly out of the sky, and into your hair, at any moment.

Okay, back to the bat in our house...My husband and I were getting ready to go to bed, when he saw something out of the corner of his eye over in the dining room. He said he thought it was a bat. In our neighborhood, we have lots of bats that fly around dive bombing for insects from dusk 'til dawn. They've never bothered us, so I never really paid too much attention to them. I was happy to have them eating insects out in the yard, but in the house is an entirely different story. Considering that our house doesn't have screens, maybe it's surprising we haven't had a bat in the house before now. With it so bright inside, the bat couldn't find its way back outside. It kept bumping its head into the recessed ceiling lights. I suppose it thought they were like the street lights outside. I don't know, but every time it bumped against a light, it dove down into another spastic spiral. These spirals were coming closer and closer to my head. The bat was obviously NOT finding its way back outside and my screams weren't driving it out either. I told Marc to get a broom, which he apparently never uses since he had no idea where it was. We then had to waste time "discussing" why he didn't know where the broom was. And I told him that I handled the mouse in the house and so this was his problem to deal with this time, and I made a break for it.

A quick side note about the "mouse in the house..." Though you aren't supposed to bring up past events/arguments in your relationships, this was an emergency...When we lived in NY, our quarters (Army housing) were built in the 60's on top of a mountain...cracked foundations and frigid winter temperatures encouraged the little rodents to seek shelter inside our houses. I found this out one morning when I flicked on the bathroom light and found a mouse swimming in my toilet...not began my epic battle to eradicate the mice. This usually meant driving them to the other side of the duplex, but you were mouse free for a while anyway...

So, like I said the bat was my husband's problem to solve, while I took shelter with the dog (I have no idea how he got there) in the foyer, where we watched behind the glass doors. My husband turned off the lights and searched all the nooks and crannies with the broom. We assume that once the lights were turned off, he flew away on his own because we never saw him again...Thank goodness...

No Edward Cullen in my future, after this encounter, if pressed about my Twilight leanings, I am now firmly planted on the Team Jacob side of the fence...hahahaha...Hasta luego...


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